A Monday in June

Cinse Bonino
2 min readJun 11, 2024


Taking my recycling to the bin out back

Discovering something unexpected in my building’s parking lot.

Two homemade cards for friends mailed at the post office

Snagging some cash from the ATM

Hanging and waiting for a special friend

Gorgeous walk next to a river

Little spits of rain

Super comfortable temperatures

Car charger that didn’t juice

A sudden turnaround after heading to a restaurant that’s closed on Mondays

Yummy local lunch, special lattes, and brioche sweet buns with my friend

Strawberry picking — so many ripe ones — and a memorable farmer

More gorgeous Vermont scenery everywhere

Garlic scapes, and chocolate candy-coated sunflower seeds purchased at the co-op

A teeny tiny royalty check in the mail

Two sets of documents I need for my mother’s Medicaid recertification arriving in my email

Pesto made from sunflower seeds (not the candied ones), garlic scapes, and cheese

Strawberries and yogurt with a sprinkling of turbinado sugar for dessert

Cinse Bonino



Cinse Bonino

Cinse, a former professor with a background in the psychology of human learning, writes nonstop, and is addicted to capturing the human experience in words.