A Partial List of Unpleasant Things

Lists — We all have them.

Here’s a list of some of the unpleasant things that have happened in my life:

almost died when I was born

spent two weeks in the hospital nursery before I got to see my mother

my sister threw my infant body around

my sister locked me in a closet

hung by one wheel over a very steep cliff when I was young

had an emotionally abusive grandmother who lived in our house

had a narcissistic, emotionally neglectful mother

had a sister who lied about what I had or hadn’t done

had cousins who became brothers who were yanked from my life

had an uncle who tried to sexually abuse me

my favorite grandmother died when I was young

had a divorced dad kidnap his son from me when I was babysitting

married one husband that unbeknownst to me was a woman

one of those brother cousins committed suicide

was threatened with a gun

had someone break into my apartment

fell on my front teeth and broke them twice

tore my knee up skiing

was thrown by a rogue wave into a cliff

had a job where people disrespected me and habitually took credit for my work

watched my son get bullied

dislocated and broke the hell out of my ankle

The list of pleasant things that have happened in my life is too long to write. There are many good things big and small that continue to happen every day.

Get the point?



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Cinse Bonino

Cinse Bonino

Cinse, a former professor with a background in the psychology of human learning, writes nonstop, and is addicted to capturing the human experience in words.