Holiday Weekend Sunday

Cinse Bonino
3 min readMay 28


-walked out of my building at just the right moment to run into my neighbor who was returning from his graduation ceremony at Middlebury College. Lots of hugs and I got to hear that he enjoyed the card I made for him and left at his door.

-took my compost and recycling out back and noticed what a gloriously beautiful day it was.

-started to walk over to the gallery where my friend was working today to ask her if she’d like me to pick up an ice coffee at Little Seed for her. I turned around and she was walking towards me. She had seen me hugging my neighbor. Again, fortunate timing.

-I went to the cafe and got our coffees just before the graduation rush. I dropped them off and we made plans to go to one of the Open Studio sites when she finished work.

-I walked across the footbridge to the other side of the river and ran into FB friends I’ve now met in real life who just recently moved into the center of town. Said hello to them and saw their adorable grandchildren walking by. Good timing strikes again!

-continued down the road to do my usual one-hour loop walk over the Pulp Mill Covered Bridge, past the wetlands, and back to town.

-a car that passed me on the road backed up and someone yelled, “Cinse, is that you?” It was two friends, one a former colleague, from Burlington. We chatted and made sure we still had each other’s numbers and planned to get together the next time they’re in town. More good timing.

-took my walk in the gorgeous weather and snapped some photos.

-stopped in at the Stone Mill Public Market and bought some Fishwife canned cod to try. Thank you, Dedalus. I also found thin but absorbent Turkish towels for my son and his sweetie to use when they go swimming when they get to VT.

-TMI warning! I was so hot from my walk that I had to change into the back-up underwear I carry in my bag.

-met my friend at the gallery. She drove us to the open studio, which was wonderful. The artist was lovely and so was her work. I bought a cool cup with birds and a necklace with a monkey.

-I asked if a little clay/wood sculpture of a happy head with hair was for sale. It wasn’t because it’s her husband’s favorite. He has been encouraging her to make more. I seconded that emotion.

-my friend who is also an artist and the site artist had a artists’ conversation and we all talked about how we’d see each other at the Thursday Markets on Middlebury’s town green. (They start this week.)

-my friend took us to Golden Rule Mead and I bought a small bottle of mead made with her (and her husband’s) honey to share with my son and his sweetie when they are here, and I got to see a bunch of my friend’s cool art on the walls.

-I sat in some olive oil (odd but logical reason) and my shorts are currently in the washer with the other clothes I had already planned to wash this evening.

-I walked home and took a refreshing shower, then made myself some brown rice soba with pea shoots and some of the cod.

-took my shorts out of the washer and hung them to dry. They look happy again.

Cinse Bonino



Cinse Bonino

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